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Coaches and Captains


Tennis Link (Coaches: Become a Coach and Register a team):

  1. Click on

  2. Click on “Become a Coach/Manager,” located on your bottom right side of the page

  3. Enter your USTA number (if you have one), and a team number should be assigned (write this   

              information down)

  1.  You will need to complete a Background Check through the Safe Play Requirements, if you have never coached with us or you last completed this more than 2 years ago (Coaches/Co-Captains) prior to creating or working with a team. Click the link to start this process which could take up to 10 business days to complete.

  1. It will then allow you to add players to your team. Please have your USTA number and credit       

       card ready.

  1. Rosters, scores and standings will be facilitated through Tennis Link. Coaches and players may

access Tennis Link.

  1. All players must be registered on Tennis Link to play in this league. If an individual is not  

registered, all the matches he/she has played will be forfeited.

Click here to learn more information about coaches and captain's responsibilities and JTT Rules. 

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